Building something unique and significant


Fort and Quadra, Victoria, BC

Together with PARC Retirement Living, PC Urban will plan and construct a vibrant mixed-use urban development of 275,000 sq. ft. with 255 independent senior living units and 20 market rental units above 90,000 sq. ft. of retail and amenity space.

PC Urban recognized the opportunity to build something unique and significant in Victoria before others. Consistent with our strategy to source and locate well situated urban properties in the pathway of intensification, we identified the 800-block of Fort Street at the cross street of Quadra, in Victoria. We realized the need for a well-positioned, meaningful independent-living community hub in the core of the City.

Location – 800 Block Fort Street, Victoria

Project Size – 275,000 sq. ft.

Land Area – Half a City Block

Available – 2021