Realizing the value that others miss begins long before a property is found, and continues beyond the handover of the keys. It is a commitment to doing every part of a project right. To make this happen, our team has a firm hand on the process at every stage. It may sound strange in the era of outsourcing, but we actually do things ourselves. That’s how we succeed.

What we do:

  • Market Engagement (understanding its dynamics, forces and players);
  • Overview (including competitive influences and trends);
  • Acquisition
  • Design development;
  • Development planning and budgeting;
  • Selection of the right project team including prime consultants, architects, engineers, contractors, etc. to assist us in our work
  • Municipal planning consultation, collaboration and securing approvals;
  • Creation of the “Market Development Plan” – a definitive road map going forward;
  • Partnering with sales and marketing powerhouses;
  • Financing projects with the most efficient leverage;
  • Managing building design/construction;
  • Assisting in the sales and after-sales management.