We’re not looking for the ordinary.

Unlike most real estate developers, we’re not interested in churning out more of the same. Value comes from properties with challenging issues. As the urban market matures, these are the hidden gems waiting to be re-imagined.

Re-imagine what could be.

We’re so serious about re-imagining property, we trademarked it. We balance acquisition and development with strategic joint-ventures for partners looking to recognize a property’s full value. PC Urban’s experience and willingness to invest our own capital ensures superior results for all stakeholders.

Re-Imagine Residential

A fast-moving market can leave a lot of potential unrealized. The best opportunities to build homes that inspire don’t come from a cookie-cutter. Smart growth evolves as a variety of interconnecting visions and takes people who will do what needs to be done to make a property work.

We see what others miss.

Brownfield site with contamination issues becomes a revitalized commercial space. An unusual property configuration leverages a new deal with the municipality. With re-imagination, it’s all possible, and the key to bringing every urban property its true purpose.

Re-imagine Commercial

We thrive on solving complexities and creating extraordinary results. Industry’s relationship with rapidly developing urban centres is evolving and creating tension. Higher value developments come from higher-value thinking. To succeed, you have to see what others don’t.

Re-imagine Retail

How can we best serve tenants and their customers? “Property re-imagined” means discovering redevelopment opportunities suitable for creative re-positioning and evolving the best purpose possible for each one; whether it’s a retail centre that has seen better days, a greenfield site ready for fresh development, or a new, mixed-use project aligning retail with residential possibilities.