IntraUrban Business Park

Who says small business strata has to be just another industrial box?

In Vancouver, industrial land prices have risen steadily and are the most expensive in the region. This is due to a limited land supply and high demand for locations with easy access to the City’s customers, suppliers and labour pool. In addition, the universe for industrial land is diminishing; over the past four decades, Vancouver has seen a 30% decline in its supply of industrially zoned land. As a result, industrial tenants have had to look to areas outside of the City proper for suitable new premises.

To address this imbalance, PC Urban acquired a 4.6 acre property in the South Vancouver Industrial Area. Located at 8811 Laurel Street, IntraUrban is a 167,000 sq. ft. strata industrial project.

The units were targeted for small and medium size business owners as well as investors looking to diversify holdings from traditional residential or commercial real estate ownership. IntraUrban is immediately east of the Oak Street Bridge and a few blocks to the west of the significant commercial/residential node at Cambie and SW Marine Drive and mass transit. YVR Airport is less than a 10 minute drive from the site; 20 minutes to downtown Vancouver.

Completed 2017

Location: 8811 Laurel St, Vancouver, BC
Category: Industrial
Project Size: 167,000 sq.ft.
Project Value: $50,514,675