IntraUrban Crossroads

A different kind of industrial space at the centre of Cloverdale

Surrey has certainly been no stranger to development. In fact, over the past several years, this city south of the Fraser River has been booming, and will surpass Vancouver’s population within the decade.

There’s only one problem: so much of that growth has been hallmarked by, well … typical. Uninspired. Formulaic space. Out of touch with the needs of existing and future potential business users and altogether lacking in long-term vision.

When we secured the IntraUrban Crossroads site near the commercial heart of Surrey’s up-and-coming Cloverdale neighbourhood, we were determined to do things differently. We wanted to shine a light on what the neighbourhood of Cloverdale could be, and take the opportunity to redefine what “industrial” space could look like (and “feel” like) for a new generation of savy business owners and investors.

With ease of access to both Highway 10 and Highway 15—two of the region’s major logistics corridors linking the Fraser Valley with the Lower Mainland’s commercial hubs, nearby border crossings, and the Tsawwassen ferry terminal—the site is perfect for distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers looking to connect with customers and suppliers alike. And with over 35,000 vehicles driving by per day, and superior customer access, this location provides excellent exposure for any business.

We were also confident that the existing industrial zoned brownfield site offered plenty of opportunity to demonstrate our skills at thoughtfully integrating a new development into the community. With the guidance of our landscape architect and qualified environmental professionals, we extensively re-landscaped the south, east and west of the property with native species, not only retaining 68 existing trees but planting another 67 as part of an all-encompassing site beautification.

We also re-aligned the 172nd Street fish bearing stream with direction from qualified environmental professionals, to create the new streamside protection and enhancement area (SPEA) and sensitive riparian area, with a dedication of 1.1 acres of parkland to the city of Surrey including the enhancement of a 25-metre buffer area along the existing Cloverdale canal.

Our confidence was rewarded when all IntraUrban Crossroads units sold out within 18 months. We’re proud to have been a key part of not only the sites but the neighbourhood’s future— all while offering business owners and investors the opportunity to own a part of it for their future as well.

Completed 2022

Location: 17277 Highway 10, Cloverdale, BC
Category: Industrial
Project Size: 191,000 sf
Project Value: $66,009,466
Land Area: 6.85 acres